Desserts. The new Generation.


Who we are?

We are unique premium frozen dessert product.

Della Nonna was brought to the market with the highest quality, meeting the criteria even of the best connoisseurs of sweet tastes. The desserts are made according to traditional and modern recipes known all over the world.

More than 50 years of knowledge and dedication are behind these sweet pleasures, and these decades long tradition are reflected in the name of the Della Nonna brand – meaning comes from Grandma. In a figurative sense, it is something that is homemade, handmade, quality, and usually refers to cooking, food or sweets preparation.

How it's made?


Della Nonna desserts are handmade, with careful dedication, with lot of love and accumulated knowledge in the food preparation business. Several top and recognized European Pastry & Desserts Chefs members of the World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS) participated in the improvement of the recipes and production processes, also.

“We eat
with our
eyes first"


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